• Full Range of Certificates
    Jinhuan holds a number of qualifications, including gradeⅠqualification in EPC contracting, gradeⅠqualification in steel structure contracting etc. Jinhuan is also a state licensed company qualified to undertake design, manufacturing and construction projects.
  • International Certificates
    Jinhuan holds many international certifications, such as AISC certification, which indicates Jinhuan’s qualification under the most authoritative steel structure management and quality control authentication in the world.

Experience Accumulated

In the past 18 years, Jinhuan has undertaken 400+ quality projects and experienced many complex project, from which Jinhuan has accumulated rich experience

  • 42

    General contracting

  • 177

    Industrial plants structural steel

  • 85

    High-rise structural steel

  • 45

    Large-span space structural steel

  • 52

    Bridge ande Road

Talents Gathering

Jinhuan recruited and developed a professional team with people who has relative education background such as civil engineering, industrial and civil architecture, mechanical design and manufacturing, and economics etc, or have rich experience in architecture design, project management, professional welding, material molding, and so on.


Jinhuan has an inhouse design institute, where more than half of the designers hold master’s degree or above. The institute has undertaken design tasks for hundreds projects.

Skilled Welders

Jinhuan has formed a team of skilled welders whom were certified by international welding authorities. 120 technicians hold AISC, CWB and EN certificates.

Experienced Project managers

80 of workforces hold advanced professional titles, 118 of them hold construction engineer certificates. Majority of the project managers have 10+ years of experience.

Field workers team

Jinhuan built up its own construction workforces and provided universal training to its personals to secure the efficiency during the course of operation and projects management.

In recent years, the group has attracted more than hundreds of excellent graduate students from domestic 985/211 universities and well-known foreign universities to join Jinhuan.