Sponsoring students, we are on the way!

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From the official website of Joint Action Foundation, you can find details of the foundation’s operation, from the lists of students, volunteers and schools sponsored, to specific records of supplies and funds received by individual sponsored student. As of May 2020, 20,566 students from 89 schools have been assisted through the Foundation, including 3,505 students who are currently under sponsoring.


"Joint Action" is abbreviation of the Hebei Joint Action Student Aid Foundation. The foundation is approved by the Civil Affairs Department of Hebei Province and is a charitable organization with mission of "sponsor middle school students from rural areas to be success, through efficient and precise charitable operation ".

Hebei Joint Action Student Aid Foundation was established in October 2007. As co-founder, Jinhuan donated 45% of the intial funds to the foundation as well as the free use of office and warehouse to help the foundation kick off.

It has been 13 year since Hebei Joint Action Student Aid Foundation lunched.

Jinhuan donated over 20 million RMB to the foundation to provide living expenses and supplies, such as daily necessities and stationery, to those needy students from rural area especially from poverty families in Hebei. Jinhuan also sponsored numerous social events and activities, such as summer camps, to help those students to overcome material or spiritual difficulties, build up confidence, and how spread care and love to needed people in their communities.


With the support of Jinhuan and other enterprises and people, "Joint Action" runs and grows smoothly. Since its establishment in October 2007, the foundation has helped 20,000 rural middle school students (including 3000 currently under sponsoring) and distributed more than 700,000 sets of supplies. The foundation currently set up 80 helping centers in province with over 1,000 registered volunteers. “Joint Action" foundation carries an unique strategy with material assistance and spiritual supports integrated, which means it will not only support students with money, daily necessities, but also take care of their spiritual needs by organizing thousands of events and activities, such as "summer camp", "winter camp", "public welfare publishing", "assistantship", and "love in the Moon Festival", which attracted hundreds of thousands of rural students to join.